Pure Water as a Way to Optimize Your Health

By Emily Miller & Chris Sampson

What is your relationship with water like? When we think about our health, one of our most essential needs is water. Water is life. It is perhaps the most basic of human needs and without quality drinking water we would not survive for long. We understand that our bodies are composed of mostly water and every bodily function needs ample amounts of water to carry out the tasks that are essential to thriving (and surviving). In short, water and pure water is especially important! 

So, the first thing to consider when finding ways to optimize your health is to start by asking yourself one simple question:

1.  Am I Drinking Enough Water?

Authorities in the health industries commonly recommend the 8×8 rule to prevent dehydration. This 8×8 rule simply states that for optimal levels of hydration you should drink 8, 8oz glasses of water daily. If you are concerned that you are not getting enough water on a daily basis check in with yourself. You can start a log of the number of glasses of water you have consumed. Many people are dehydrated and don’t even know it especially if you are at work or very busy during the day. You may even recognize some of these common symptoms of dehydration:

  • dry skin
  • feeling dizzy
  • thirst
  • dry mouth
  • muscle cramps
  • sleepiness
  • headaches

This is by no means an exhaustive list of symptoms nor it is intended as a way to self-diagnose, but it is meant to help bring into your awareness the importance of staying hydrated. Lack of proper hydration can negatively impact your health, sense of wellbeing, and your productivity and energy levels in your day to day experience.

We are essentially what we consume, so for optimal health it is important to consider whether or not you are drinking clean and pure water, which brings us to our next point…

Pure Water flowing from Nauyaca Falls

2. The Source-  Is Your Drinking Water Pure Water?

Let’s take a moment to think about where our drinking water has come from. There are many different places to source water. Here are two types of sources listed on the CDC Website:

Surface Water

Surface water is generally water that comes from streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and oceans. According to the EPA, 68% of community water system users receive their water from this type of source.

Ground Water

Ground water is a type of water that is located beneath the ground surface. It is obtained by drilling wells. Estimates show this type of water is used by 32% of community water system users. Estimates also show that 15% of the US population relies on private water wells.

Water Quality and Regulations

The United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world. If your water source is through a community water system, it is likely the Environmental Protection Agency regulates your tap water. Despite having one of the safest systems in the world water contamination can still occur due to various factors:

  • sewage release
  • naturally occurring chemicals and minerals
  • chemicals used during local land use practices
  • heavy metals and cyanide from manufacturing
  • malfunctioning wastewater treatment systems


Although government agencies have systems in place to protect our drinking water from contaminants, is it truly enough to protect us in the long term?  Factors that put us at risk include the aging pipe systems. Aging pipe systems can break down and leak exposing us or our loved ones to naturally occurring contaminants and other chemicals and pesticides that are used when farming the land.

Given the list of contaminants and their allowable levels, this means that, limits are set on the amount of a particular contaminant allowed in your drinking water. Some level of contaminants are allowed in your drinking water, many of which have known adverse health affects on individuals. You can view more information and a comprehensive list on the CDC website.

Additionally, not all water filtration and purification systems are equipped to clean and manage contaminants in your water.

3. What should not be in your drinking water?

Contaminants that should not be in your water can be categorized as biological, physical, chemical, and radiological.  Biological contaminants include bacteria, viruses, protozoan, and parasites that can make you sick quickly if present in drinking water.  Examples of physical contaminants are sediment or organic material suspended in water of lakes and rivers from soil erosion (often measured as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  Often filtered out of drinking water by reverse osmosis.).  Chemical contaminates include nitrogen (nitrates and nitrites sometimes associated with farming), bleach, pesticides, metals, toxins, hormones, and drugs. Radiological contaminants like cesium, plutonium, and uranium can emit ionizing radiation (these are typically not present as often in drinking water as other contaminants in this list).

Consuming the chlorine and fluoride that is present in many city water sources is also a consideration.  There is a lot of literature on this topic, and you can make an informed decision and make individual choices for your drinking water source.  Our choice is a water source from LivePristine’s Water Revival System, and this drinking water is free of chlorine and fluoride.

Your water filter or purifier should remove all undesired acids and harmful contaminants.  

4. What Should Be In Your Drinking Water?

In addition to being concerned about what should not be in your drinking water, it’s important to consider what should be in your drinking water.

Healthy drinking water should contain essential minerals and electrolyte salts like magnesium bicarbonate, calcium, sodium bicarbonate, silica, chloride, and potassium.  Optimizing ions and minerals is beneficial.  Alkalinity can make a big difference.  Drinking water that simulates the properties of a living stream is ideal.


Magnesium is a great example.  Widespread magnesium deficiency is a problem in most populations.  It has been written that almost every person in the US has a magnesium deficiency.  This is because it is no longer possible to get the magnesium that you need from your food and water, post industrial revolution.  Magnesium is essential for every cell in the body.  Most people have a shortage, so they can not operate optimally.  There are many supplements available, but many of them can not be absorbed efficiently or effectively.  Magnesium bicarbonate in your drinking water is the best source for usable and absorbable magnesium.

Magnesium bicarbonate is a complex hydrated salt that is only present in liquid form.  It can be present in naturally occurring pure water.  It can not be found in any food. While insufficient amounts of magnesium can be found in some food, it is impossible to get magnesium bicarbonate through eating food.

Magnesium improves overall health.  Magnesium is necessary for many biochemical reactions in the body. Its other functions include helping to maintain normal nerve function,  muscle function, supporting a healthy immune system, maintaining a regular heart rate, helping bone strength, etc. It can also be a regulator of blood glucose levels, as well as helping with the production of energy and protein.

Sufficient magnesium levels also remove toxins.  In addition, bicarbonate salts can safely and effectively provide a buffer for excess acids from the body.

It’s important to pay attention to magnesium and balancing electrolytes in your drinking water.  Also, there must be sufficient alkaline minerals in your drinking water.


Alkaline minerals at high enough levels are of upmost importance for drinking water.  This includes alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate electrolyte salts. It can be challenging to find these minerals in clean water sources.  Drinking water should be alkaline, and free of harmful acids and contaminants.  Proper filtration can remove harmful contaminants and acids like acid rain.  A good water revitalizing system can then remineralize the water.

5. Explore Additional Water Treatment Options

There are many water treatment systems available to treat and clean your drinking water. Chris and I have spent hours upon hours researching, and found a water revival system that works well. This system also allows us to travel and have pure water that is safe, clean, and revitalized everywhere we go. We use the travel size version.  This is one of the only systems we have found that remineralizes and revitalizes your drinking water in addition to pulling out dangerous acids and contaminants! YES, we do in fact travel with our filter and have flown with it internationally. This system ensures that our drinking water is the cleanest and most healthy it can be around the world.

When we are in the US, we plug our LivePristine Travel/Portable Water Revival System  into the bathroom faucet. It becomes our on demand water source.  If we are staying at a place that is busy, we temporarily attach it to an outside hose bib and get 5-10 gallons of drinking water at a time. This serves as our drinking water supply for the next few days.  We store our drinking water in large glass reservoirs.  We then pour the water into our individual water bottles. 

When we travel, we put our LivePristine Travel/Portable Water Revival System in a medium size hard case suitcase along with towels and clothes, and check the bag for our international flights.  It has always traveled smoothly, and without any issues.  There are also many professional athletes that never leave home without this water revival system, and they travel around the world with it.  Another benefit is that when you are traveling internationally, you are saving plastic by not using plastic bottled water for your drinking water.  We have some fun and techy travel water bottles and reservoirs. 

When we are in Costa Rica, we attach the water revival system to the faucet in our extra bathroom, and leave it on the counter in the corner.  Our source of water in Costa Rica originates at a pristine natural spring, located where the primary jungle and mountains meet the ocean, and the water then flows through the water pipes in the house, and into our LivePristine Water Revival System.  What comes out is some of the best water on the planet! We can source this amazing drinking water on demand by leaving it attached to the extra faucet in our house.  If someone wants to use the bathroom sink where the system is attached, they can simply turn the lever on the system and the faucet is usable.  They can turn the lever again, and water is directed into the system for drinking pure water. 

We feel so good when we drink water from our LivePristine Travel/Portable Water Revival System, healthy and energized!  The benefits and way that you feel when drinking this water are amazing!  We think that sourcing your drinking water in this way is a big step in optimizing your health, wellness, productivity, and longevity. We also believe pure water is your right. 

The team at LivePristine is a great team to work with. We have had several calls with them to ask general questions about the product and how it works and everyone we spoke with was very helpful, extremely well educated, informed, and friendly. Great customer service!

We choose our LivePristine Water Revival System for our drinking water source because they have a unique process. Their process not only filters and strips water of harmful contaminants, but they then bring life back into the drinking water by rebuilding it naturally. The system deionizes, remineralizes, restructures, and recharges the water.  This is what sets the LivePristine Water Revival Systems apart from other water filters and purifiers.  This system removes 100% of all undesirable acids and contaminants, and then gives you pure water that is full of life.  This drinking water provides your cells and body with essential minerals and electrolytes like magnesium bicarbonate, calcium, sodium bicarbonate, silica and chloride.  This drinking water becomes one of the best sources of absorbable magnesium.  It is alkaline, and has important electrolyte salts. This drinking water is also run over lodestones and quartz crystals, simulating the properties of a living stream.

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