Overcoming Obstacles, Learning to Face Your Fears and Dive Deep

Overcoming obstacles is almost never easy, but if you can bring yourself to do the hard thing, stay positive, and push the boundaries of what’s comfortable I can guarantee you will walk away feeling a bit more empowered than before. By pushing ourselves past our comfort zone we experience growth in ways we previously had not thought possible. 

For most of my life I have both loved and feared the water. I have loved water because it gives us life and nourishes our bodies. I have also loved the water for all the years of splashing in the ocean waves.  Being near the water reminds me of my family for it is near the ocean my family would always meet to create lifelong memories along its shores. 

But I have also feared the water because it nearly and unexpectedly swept me away. It is the same ocean that roars heavily during storms. Water can surge and sweep, clearing away everything in its path leaving nothing behind. Water has the uncanny ability to destroy. 

Water is both life giving and destructive, joyous and frightening, free flowing and engulfing. It is certainly something to be revered. Water is the perfect metaphor for life, it can hit you like a big wave or your can learn to go with the flow of water.  Your perspective is a choice, depending on your outlook and your focus. 

My relationship with water is dichotomous as I often wrestle with feelings of both love and fear. I always practice overcoming obstacles and push myself to see things from another perspective. I dive a little deeper to find strength within and I learn to ride the waves of both the ocean and of life. 

Dive Deep,


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