a little backstory

Emily is intuitive, empathetic, artistic, raw and real. Her love for yoga began at a young age when she recognized yoga as a powerful tool for the positive transformation of mind, body, and spirit. 

She grew up in small town Olmsted Falls, OH and always found herself deeply connected and drawn to nature. She would run behind the woods of her childhood home pretending to be Pocahontas. She created teepees from sticks and leaves, played in the dirt, and learned to listen to the subtle sounds of nature all around her. Nature sounds were music to her ears, such as the wind rustling in the leaves, birds chirping, and crickets and cicadas humming. She jumped at every opportunity to be outside.

Some of her favorite childhood memories were spending the summers camping with her family. She ran wooded trails, sang songs over the campfire with family and picked wild blackberries to make jam with her grandmother. 

In 2009 Emily felt drawn to attend a yoga teacher training after experiencing deep depression and apathy toward the cookie cutter structure of today’s modern society. Her artistic spirit felt crushed beneath the weight of a heavy world.  Yoga and meditation were the only tools that made her feel better. She turned to yoga to help her face the painful parts of herself and has since reemerged and transformed.  She teaches from an incredibly raw and organic experience that comes from understanding the highs and lows, the tides of the human experience.

Emily loves her family dearly but in 2014 felt  called to the jungles of Costa Rica where she primarily resides today. She continues to live out her dreams and hikes through the mountainous jungles of Costa Rica. She continues to be inspired by the beauty of Pachamama (mother earth) and incorporates nature into all of her teachings. 

Emily is recognized internationally for teaching yoga, coordinating wellness retreats and events, and educating on topics including stress management, lifestyle changes, nutrition, and self empowerment.