Romantic Poetry- A Sunset Revelation

I watch darkness fall softly caressing the space between,

Both things alive and inert filling matter seen and unseen,

I watch color hues dim unpainted by light as a sense of the mystery reaches new heights.

I reflect on many moons come and gone where shadows once elicit fear,

I realize a subtle shift has taken place over recent years.

A knowing smile emerges from the corners of my mouth,

I speak internally aloud

When did darkness become an ally?

How did my perception shift?

It wasn’t overnight or by the hand of some outer source of enlightenment.

I believe It came from the guidance of soft inner whispers, quiet wisdom, the compass of my soul,

that led me albeit slowly on a path where I would finally know,

First, self love and second, a love rooted in a thousand bedtime kisses

A love blanketed by the comfort of the night,

and a knowing that by choosing him I choose me and for me this is what’s right.

I take comfort in this fact,

And take comfort in his arms,

And for me the darkness once a symbol of shadows, pain, and a sense for alarm,

Has transformed into a canvas for things of delight,

For without the darkness there would be no stars and no light.

I am filled with gratitude for this shift and newfound insight,

I whisper to the universe my endless gratitude and good night.


Con Mucho Amor, 



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